Halloween (2018) Review *Spoilers*

In 1978, John Carpenter introduced to Halloween and the living embodiment of evil: Michael Meyers. In the original movie, Michael Meyers is an 8 year old kid who brutally kills his sister by repeatedly stabbing her with a large kitchen knife. He gets locked up in a mental facility but escapes 15 years later. He returns to his hometown of Haddonfield where he goes on to a killing spree on Halloween night.

Since then, Halloween has been one of most loved horror franchises and, despite a number of sequels (some good, some not so good), The Shape returns to the big screen 40 years later. This film serves as a direct sequel to the first Halloween movie amd completely ignores the story and mythos of the other films. I found this to be very refreshing because it made us look at Michael for what he is: evil and just man whose sole pirpose is to kill. There was no curse or cult involved as in the other movies.

This film begins with two reporters visiting Michael has been locked up for 40 years and once again escapes while being transferred to a different hospital. Needless to sayb the reporters get killed by Michael when he follows them to a gas station and this scene was amazing. The male reporter gets his head slammed reperlatedly against the restroom wall and Michael chokes the female reporter to death.

The Shape immediately makes his way back to his hometown of Haddonfield where he begins his murderous rampage, reminding people why they need to be scared of Halloween. Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of the original film, serves as the protagonist. While Michael has been waiting 40 years to kill again, she too has been waiting for him to escape just so that she could hill him. The film concludes in a big and very satisfying showdown and big body count.

I really liked this movie. It does have its problems amd there are things th at could have been better, so I won’t say that I loved it. The thing I did love was how brutal and sometimes gory the kills were which really shows the strength and ruthlessness of Michael.

There is a shot in the film where Michael gets to Haddonfield. The camera follows him around in a continuous shot as her stalks the streets going from house to house killing those in his way. I really loved this scene because it shows his nature. Killing is as easy as breathing for him.

Laurie, who is clearly traumatized from the events of the first film, has been preparing for this moment. She lives alone in a very well protected house and has a collection of different types of guns. Her house is filled with traps and a panic room. Once she finds out of the crashed bus, she joins Sherrif Hawkins and together they hunt Michael down.

The final 30 minutes of the film was great. Micheal finds Laurie amd her family in her home amd they must defend themselves amd take Michael down. It was a very tense amd suspenseful 30 minutes. At the end, Laurie traps Michael in the basement and she sets the place on fire, while Michael looks up at them from the bottom of the basement stairs where he is caged in.

The Strode family escapes while the house burns and the camera turns again to the basement staircase. Michael is no longer standing there and that’s when the screen goes blank amd the film finishes. The ending shot is very open and made me wonder whether Michael died or manages to escape somehow. I think that Michael survived. After all, you can’t kill evil can you?

I left the theatre feeling satisfied. Not amazed, but just satisfied. I grew up watching and loving the original franchise so this film was very nostalgic of the original from the opening credits to the iconic music. There were dozens of Easter eggs littered throughout the film referencing the other movies. There was even a subtle throwback to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. I’ll admit I didn’t catch all the easter eggs until I read up aboit them later on so I think i need to watch the film again to catch those.

On a final note, if you love the original you definitely must see this movie. You will not be disappointed.

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