When I was a kid, my grandma would tell us stories about when she was growing up in Mexico. One story that has always stuck with me was when a hellhound stalked her.

The story takes place in my grandmother’s home state of Oaxaca, Mexico. One night, my grandma went to a party with her friends even after her mom had denied her permission. So, she goes to the party and drinks and dances. She just wants to have a good time.

The night grows late and she decides it’s time to go back home. Her friends want to stay partying so she has to walk home alone. Her house was a couple of miles away so it was going to be a long walk.

She’s walking along a dirt road among the hills pretty much in the middle of nowhere. She starts to hear light footsteps behind her, following her. When she turns around, she sees nothing but a small, black dog. She thinks nothing of it. It was just a small black dog wondering around. She tries to shoo it away but it doesn’t leave.

My grandma turns back around and continues her way back home. She hears the dog behind her again but when she turns around this time, she swears the dog looks bigger than the last. She ignores it as her imagination and keeps walking.

Surely enough, she turns around yet again and there’s no questioning it this time. The damned dog was bigger. She gets scared and walks faster down the path. Every time she would turn around, the dog appeared bigger.

She finally turns around to face the dog one last time only this time what she sees terrifies her. The dog has grown to the size of a bull and fire shoots out of its eyes and mouth. It barks at her so loudly and every time it does, she could see a mouthful of sharp teeth. It makes as if to charge at her but before it gets a chance to, my grandma breaks into an all out sprint and she doesn’t stop running until she’s back in her own home.

When she told her mom what had happened, she only tells her that it was the devil trying to take her.

I’ve heard many stories very much similar to this one. It seems to be a very common and popular folk tale in Mexico. But what if it isn’t a folk tale? What if its really true? What if the devil can really turn into a fire-breathing dog and chase you down? It would be something straight out of a horror movie.


  1. I’d like to share my grandmother’s story aswell. She was also walking back home from a party. She had gone with a group of friends they all lived in the same neighborhood, unfortunately my grandmother lived on the other side of the river. She had to walk down a couple miles and cross a bridge to get home. It was here where she encoutered a man. He was riding a beautiful black horse. He was tall; muscualar and very good looking. She didn’t hear him coming and was startled when he approached her. But he was charming and they seemed to hit it of right away. Eventually after sometime of flirting, he offered her a ride home. Against better judgment my grandmother reconsidered it. It was getting really late, and the only light out was from the moon shinning down through the trees, the water from the river was raising and she new she had to get home right away. And above all she described him as the most handsome man she’s ever seen. So she decides to accept the ride. Suddenly something catches her eye. When she looks down at his feet and notices he had hoves; very much like a goats. She quickly realized that she had being flirting with the devil. She quickly ran home not looking back. Till this day she claims to have fallen in love with the devil…. Hahaha ☠

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