Ghosts in the Kitchen

This happened a few years ago. I had decided to sleep over my grandma’s house one night with my cousins. I was sleeping in my uncle’s room, along with my uncle and my two little cousins. The room was right on the other side of the kitchen so any little noise that anyone makes in the kitchen, you can easily hear it from the room. I was having trouble sleeping and I thought everyone else was asleep. I don’t remember what time it was but it must have been pretty late into the night. Suddenly, I hear loud noises coming from the kitchen. It sounded like if someone was throwing dishes around and moving the chairs around. I could hear the noise easily coming from the wall. I even remember feeling the vibrations of the commotion along the wall and on the floor, like a grinding feeling. It only happened for about one minute and then it stopped. At first I thought it was either my grandma or grandpa who had gotten up for a drink of water and maybe they dropped dishes. I also thought maybe I had fallen asleep without realizing and that I may have just been dreaming. I looked around the room to see if the noise had awoken anyone else up but it didn’t seem like it did. But then I heard my cousin Adrian say “Frank, did you hear that?” And then I knew I wasn’t the only who had heard the noise. Suddenly the noise starts again, the crashing and shaking of dishes and chairs. We both got a little alarmed; our instinct told us that somebody had broken into the house so we both jump out of bed and head to the kitchen, ready to bust some heads. We still heard the noise as we walk in the hallway leading to the kitchen but as soon as we reached the kitchen and turned the light on, the noise stopped. We walked into the kitchen and saw nothing. There were no broken dishes on the floor or out of place, no chairs out of place or no cupboards open. Nothing out of the ordinary at as if absolutely nothing had happened. But we definitely did hear it, my cousin hearing it was proof that it did happen. By this time in our lives, we had both experienced our fair share of paranormal activities. The moment we saw nothing was out of place, we realized right away what it was. We both turned to each other and we both shrug as if to say “well, it was the ghost. What more can we do?” That’s all we had to do to show each other that we knew what it was, what had just happened. The funny thing was that we were both so used to things like that happening that we didn’t even get scared once knew knew it was a haunting. We were actually more scared when we first thought somebody had broken in. I turn to my cousin and tell him “screw it let’s go back to bed.” So, we went back to bed. A few minutes later, we heard the noise again. We just ignored it and went back to sleep. The next morning, we ask my other cousin and my uncle if they had heard anything last night and they said no. We asked my grandparents, who both sleep in the living room right next to the kitchen, and they did not hear anything either. That’s the weird thing about that night: why was it only me and Adrian who had heard it?

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