My stories and Re-creating my blog…

So, I’ve recently completed writing 2 stories that I’ve been writing for some time. One of these stories is “alpine Cove” which is actually a horror short story about a family on a trip to the beach.I went through quite a few drafts but now I am satisfied with it. The next step is to let other people read it before looking into getting it published (hopefully). My other story is my so called “Space Story” (Still working on the title). This one, I’ve been working for about 4 years. I had originally written about 500 pages but I had decided to cut it into 2 parts. The 1st part is 295ish pages but it is all complete and also ready for people to read. I would classify this one as a sci-fi/horror novel about an astronaut who crashed on a different planet and has to find his way back home. This was the first story I started writting so it felt really good to finally finish. I hope to get it published into an actual book. I will defeinitly be looking into getting published this year.

As far as this blog goes, I had gotten too busy with my writing to work on it. But at least it gave me time to think about how I want to go forward with this website. I had originally wanted to make it a horror/paranormal only blog where I would write about scary stories both fake and my own.

I have decided, instead of just horror, make it more general where I will write about other things besides horror like movies, music, books, science fiction. Pretty much everything I like, which is a lot of things. I will still write book reviews, film reviews, write about scary folk tales, my own writings. I can also write music reviews. We’ll see. This is my first time doing this blogging stuff and it’s actually more work than I thought.

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