Doctor Sleep Trailer Review/Reaction

The Doctor Sleep trailer was released two weeks ago and holy shit it was fucking awesome. I’ve always been a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining, along with King’s book. I have actually read Doctor Sleep a couple years ago and I like it very much. I remember hearing about a Doctor Sleep movie a few years ago and then I had forgotten all about it…until recently when I happen to be scrolling through YouTube. And what did I see? A fucking Doctor Sleep trailer. Hell yeah! I clicked on that thing right away and I was not disappointed.

                The trailer is about 2:30 minutes long and I absolutely loved every second of it, everything from the cinematography to the chilling music. I like how there’s hardly any talking in the trailer and that it doesn’t show much of what the plot will be but I think it adds to the creepy atmosphere. Ewan McGregor plays an adult Danny Torrance and I think he is the perfect choice to play such a traumatized and complex character. He meets a young girl, Abra Stone who also has the Shining and he serves as her mentor. They develop such a strong bond and friendship so that would be nice to see on screen. We also see the film’s antagonist, the True Knot, led by Rose the Hat, who are a gang of psychic vampires who feed off of “steam,” from kids who have the shine. As I’ve said before, The Shining has always been one of my favorite movies as a kid so I loved the flashbacks of the Overlook hotel scattered throughout the trailer. They show Danny riding his bike down the hallways, wide shot scene of the bathroom in room 237 with the same dead old lady opening the shower curtains. That scene gave me chills. The last scene of the trailer shows Danny back in the Overlook Hotel. He goes back to the restroom where Jack Nicholson hacks down the door with an axe and says his infamous line: “Here’s Johnny!” I thought it was clever and reminiscent for this new movie to go back to that. I honestly have never heard of or seen any of Mike Flannigan’s work (I haven’t really been keeping up with new horror movies/ shows- I know, I really need to see Haunting on Hill House)From I have been hearing, they could not have chosen a better director than Flannigan and I would have to strongly agree based on this trailer alone. You can clearly see how Flannigan is inspired by Kubrick.

                On a side note, as you may or may not know, there is a huge division of The Shining fans. On one side, there are those (myself included)who worship Kubrick’s film as being one of the best horror movies ever, and for obvious reasons – if you have not seen it, go watch it ASAP! On the other side, there are those who prefer Stephen King’s miniseries The Shining that aired in the 90s I believe. People prefer this one because its closer to the book and I understand that. The whole reason why King decided to make this miniseries was because he hated Kubrick’s version so much. I have not seen this version and I honestly don’t want to. Anyways, this Doctor Sleep movie looks like it will stay true to the book for the most part but I will also use the story and iconic scenes and elements from Kubrick’s film. I think this is a smart move since Kubrick’s film is what most people are familiar with.

                All in all, I cannot wait for November to come so I can watch this film. I’m actually more excited about this movie than anything else coming out this year. I am really hopeful this movie will deliver strongly. I also hope Ewan will throw one subtle “Hello there” in the movie.

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